Friday, June 17, 2011


I went to Nordstrom Rack tonight. I have to confess that I usually despise shopping. However, there was pizza involved. I ended up finding lots of cool shoes that sort of reminded me of Steampunk.

Some guy came up behind me while I was crouched with my camera poised and asked, "Are you taking pictures of shoes?!" I answered with, "Sure!" and kept taking. I think it really threw him for a loop and astounded him, which in turn astounded me because I don't know what's so strange about it. I think my true agenda was stranger than what could have been assumed. I might have been asking somebody's opinion or trying to decide which shoe looked good with an outfit I had at home. Alas, he was male, meaning that the concept of planning such things and dealing with complex color schemes, seasons and temperatures is completely beyond him. Even me, a female who abhors shopping and has simple wardrobes understands the need to coordinate. But that's another post for another blog at another time.

I stand by my belief that Steampunk is hitting the mainstream a little bit at a time. "Cowboys and Aliens" has the potential to be amazing or extremely suckish. As I've said before, I believe that fashion is beginning to take notice of it more and more. Nothing is sexier than a man in a frock coat with a top hat and a subtly placed tattoo or earring. (Or old-timey gun. Or brass cane with a doodad. Or dark glasses.) Likewise, Steampunk can be complimentary to any female figure. Come on, it's got corsets! What can be more thinning and yet voluptuous-ing than that? Not to mention the fact that it's juuuuust sensual enough to hint but not slutty enough to leave nothing up to the imagination. In other words, it flatters everybody. Even the loyal moralist.

Anyway, enjoy the shoes. You may or may not agree with my belief that they have an edgy vintage twist. I was a fan. At any rate, I know that when (WHEN, not if) I get my book published, I can definitely wear the fashion without having to buy expensive "Steampunk" attire on random websites. I can be creative. And that aint not bad.

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