Monday, June 27, 2011


Life is exciting when you're a writer. Monday comes around and even if you dread your Joe job (if you have a Joe job and haven't "made it" yet), you've got a whole other world in your brain. Even non-fiction, you're weaving. You're an artist! Life is good!
Of course, being a writer comes with angst, desperation, frustration and unyielding persistence. But still. We are a strange people. We dwell in the quiet because our minds are loud. We like our books to be the center of attention but we don't necessarily want the same things for ourselves. We are comfortable with silence and uncomfortable with constant banter. It's like trying to think of a melody when somebody else is singing REO Speedwagon really loudly in your ear. Almost impossible. In order for the dialogues, scenery and description to commence within our brains, the real world needs to settle down and let us think for just one moment.
On this Monday morning, I am full of ideas. Granted, I've been full of ideas since I can remember. But today, I'm overflowing with ambition linked with these ideas. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that publication is imminent. I will not rest until this Steampunk creature I've bolted together in the laboratory has some electricity put into it and it rises up off the table and starts to walk around and torment people as it's tormented me for so long. (In a good way.)
I hope you feel the same way about your work. Or, if you're already successful, that you felt that way as you were marching through the gates, holding up your manuscript and shouting, "IT'S ALIIIIIIVE!"

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  1. That's great that you have so many ideas bouncing around in your head. It's always exciting to be a writer. The creativity never stops! And you said it perfectly. "We are strange people." ;)