Friday, September 30, 2011

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Everybody has to have a weird pair of glasses on their head at some point.

It's true. That plaid-wearing fool to the right is me. That's part of my job, to wear those. Many an individual has come in and chortled, especially since I wear them over my original spectacles. The fact of the matter is that I'm officially a locksmith, but also still training. As soon as I feel like I'm really good at it, I'm going to get an antique key tattooed onto my rib area, which will hurt like a bastard and be widely viewed as unnecessary, but nothin' doin' to somebody who already has three.
I apologize for being away. I just purchased a new house and have been dealing with lots of work, lots of revising, lots of moving, lots of cleaning and interior decorating and lots and LOTS of self-evaluation. Prioritizing.
I'm not going to talk long, as I don't have anything incredibly interesting to talk about and the last thing I want is to make this blog a Me-Me exhibit. But, I will say that being a writer is definitely a full-time job and I hope to be free enough to handle it someday. I'm also searching for the Mad Hatter to my March Hare. (You know. A dude.) I've been sitting at this mad tea party solo for far too long. I'm hoping publication will open some doors, as I tend to spend my 8 hour work day around 21 year olds and 45-60 year olds. See, I'm somewhere in the middle of that, so it's not exactly helpful. Anyway, if you've seen the guy to the left there, let me know. He's got a tea party he needs to get to. Pronto.